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Infant Floatation
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Infant flotation devices: helping to keep your child safe in the water

While babies and infants typically love being in the water, the water remains a dangerous place for them to be. It can take children several years to learn how to swim, and even after years of lessons, the water can still pose a threat to the safety of your child. Young children should never be left unaccompanied in the water; they should always be supervised at all times by a competent adult. However, there are some safety devices that can help improve your child's safety and comfort while they're in the water.

Infant flotation devices are a great way of helping your child become more comfortable in the water. Acquainting a child with the swimming pool or the ocean can be a very scary thing. Many babies and children, after all, still have difficulty with bath time, let alone large bodies of water. One of the challenging things about swimming pools or other bodies of water is that children often can't easily touch the bottom, and this can be scary for young children who are fairly unfamiliar with the water. Often it takes some time for a child to learn how to float safely and keep their body under control in the water, which is where flotation devices for infants can come in handy.

Flotation devices for infants and children can be found in a variety of different forms. For very young children, they may include floating diapers or underwear that are designed to help the child stay afloat in the water without needing to rely on their parents. This sort of flotation device can be great for ensuring that children do not become distressed in the water. Other types of infant flotation devices include float vests, which are clip-on or zip-up vests that contain spongy material that helps the child stay buoyant and afloat. In addition, it's possible to buy a variety of blow up flotation devices such as arm and leg flotation devices. These devices can be slipped over a child's arms or legs, or even over their chest, and can help them stay afloat in the water.
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